Hello, my name is Don B. Romero and I am the author of this blog. If you don’t know me already, this is the right time to learn something about me and my career and goals. I am a professor working at a high school, I truly love my job because I get the chance to educate the new generation and give them some of my knowledge and life experience that will help them in their life. As a professor and as an author, my goal is the same and that is to provide people with knowledge and advice on how to choose a career. I personally believe that college is a must no matter what you want to become because the knowledge that you get in colleges cannot compare to high school.

If you want to become somebody in this world and make a career and more importantly live a comfortable life, then you have to aim high. If you are not aiming high when you are applying for college, then that shows that you don’t really want to fight for your future. My goal is to help students make their choice and find a career that they truly like. Doing a job that you don’t love is a torture that you want to avoid at all costs. For parents, I also have advice because they are the ones responsible for their child and they have to guide them towards good choices one of them is choosing the right college.