June 20, 2018

Schooling America: How the Public Schools Meet the Nation’s Changing Needs

You might be familiar with the title of this article and the reason for that is because there is a chance that you have read the book before. That’s right this title schooling America is from a book written by Patricia Albjerg Graham and it is truly a unique piece that I suggest to everyone. Why do I think that you should read this book, well because there is a lot to learn about public school systems and how they adapt to the changing needs of our society. If you are sending your child to a public school, it wouldn’t hurt to actually learn something true about those schools. It is never too late to educate yourself or even to learn something, I believe that throughout our life, we are constantly able to adapt to changes and that makes us very special.

In this article, you will be able to hear my perspective on this topic how the public schools meet the nation’s changing needs. Everyone has an opinion about public schools, some people have bad ones and they rather home-school their kids because they are afraid that they won’t get the proper education at schools. Well, I personally disagree with that, not because I am, a professor myself, but because I know what type of effort teachers and professors are putting into educating these young generations. It is our responsibility to teach your child and we take it seriously.

Ability to Adapt

As mentioned, we as humans have the ability to adapt to various changes and that’s why we are so special. Just as we adapt, these public schools also are adapting to the changing needs of the nation. Education is getting more and more serious and now when people finish high school, they are coming out with far more knowledge than it was twenty years ago. That just shows how these schools are adapting to changes in this county.

When these young adults leave the high school and apply for colleges they are far more equipped with knowledge than ever before. I am not saying that the education before was bad, but just that wants on this high level. Not only that public schools are adapting to changes, but every other educational institute is adapting. If we want to progress and evolve even further, then we have to put all our experience and knowledge into these younger generations because one day they will be making these decisions.


Terra Moreno